Chia + Oat Frozen Mango Parfait

Believe it or not, this breakfast parfait was inspired by….an airplane meal! Shocker, I know. Although the main meal from my flight back to Seattle from Austria was questionable, I wasn’t too concerned considering the dessert was so so delicious. The dessert consisted of a neutral tasting creamy yogurt and a smooth mango topping that wasn’t overbearingly sweet. Since it was pretty light and so satisfying, I figured it would make an amazing breakfast option. And I was right! It’s basically a more decadent version of overnight oats and I’m here for it. I packed some up for my fiancé to take to work and he came home saying how surprised he was that it kept him full up until he had a late lunch, without the need to snack in between. I love hearing that because that’s exactly what food should make us feel – Satisfied! Yet, so much of what we eat can make us feel unsatisfied and as a result, we often snack to compensate. Because of this and the fact that it is so easy and delicious, I know this breakfast will be a staple in our house, especially for our busy weeks.

I also love the addition of frozen mango in this breakfast because getting fresh mango can be challenging and quite expensive. Frozen fruit is a great option because it is still quite nutrient dense as the fruit is flash frozen right after picking, which seals in many of the nutrients that would deteriorate from transportation times associated with fresh fruit. Frozen fruit = nutrient dense fruit for a better price (usually)!

Although I love the taste of mango in this parfait, feel free to change up the types of fruit you use to keep it interesting, your options are endless!

Chia + Oat Frozen Mango Parfait

(Makes 1 serving, gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free option)


1/3 cup rolled or instant oats (use gluten-free if needed)
2 tsp chia seeds
2/3 cup milk of choice + 1/3 cup milk of choice, separated (I used almond)
1 cup frozen mango chunks
Maple syrup to taste


In a medium bowl add the oats, chia seeds, and 2/3 cup milk of choice, stir well and let sit for 5-10 minutes, then stir again. The consistency will thicken over time, feel free to make this the night before to eat in the morning or eat fresh when making it (I recommend using instant oats if you make it fresh in the morning to eat as it will thicken faster).

In a blender, blend together the frozen mango chunks and 1/3 cup of milk of choice – It is okay if there are still chunks in the blender, either blend more and add more milk if needed or leave as is.

Assembly: When you are ready to eat, use a serving glass (can use a regular drinking glass if you don’t have a parfait glass!) and add some of the oat + chia mixture, then layer with the blended mango mixture on top and a drizzle of maple syrup if you like it a little sweeter. Alternate until the glass is full or the portions are used up. Enjoy!

Notes: If you are making this ahead of time, I recommend keeping the chia + oat mixture and mango mixture separate if you want to create parfait layers, however, you can also mix both mixtures together and store it this way as well.