About Me

Cooking wholesome meals is my most cherished tool to feel good by supporting my mental and physical health – and it can be yours as well!

Hi! I’m Alma, a Seattle, WA local and writer, food photographer, and health enthusiast here on A Little Dough. I received my Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the University of Washington and became a Registered Nurse through Seattle University to expand my scope within health care. I felt the urge to create this space to provide guidance on how we can support a healthy mind and body with ease –¬†Simply by getting back into the kitchen and cooking our food!¬†

Cooking food that uses simple, real food that is free from unnecessary chemical additives goes well beyond our physical health – It also plays a huge role in our mental health! The act of cooking our meals in itself can be very therapeutic, especially in our hectic lives where life’s stressors and hardships can feel overwhelming. Cooking lets us slow down to enjoy the present, which is what life should be all about.

When my father passed away from cardiovascular disease in 2017, I turned to cooking for mental clarity by doing something I valued, every single day. Cooking was a way to practice self-care and calm my mind when days felt overwhelming. An extra perk was having a nourishing meal that left my mind and body feel good. My cooking turned into a habit that I continue to this day because my mind and body crave to feel their best. And we all have to eat, right? Its a win-win situation. Getting back into the kitchen and cooking wholesome meals is my most cherished tool to feel good by supporting my mental and physical health – and it can be yours as well! Im here to share the love (and my ways).

This is more important now than ever considering convenient sugar, sodium, and chemical laden foods have become the norm. Not only do these foods increase our risk for developing common preventable diseases (hello Type 2 Diabetes & Heart Disease) but they also don’t provide us the grounding satisfaction and mindfulness that a cooked meal can. Since our lives are busy, I make sure that my recipes are fuss-free so you can enjoy making these meals even if you don’t necessarily love to cook (yet)!

There are so many amazing healthy food blogs out there, but I have yet to come across one that truly takes into consideration the two biggest barriers to eating healthy food: access & affordability. I understand that being able to access and afford wholesome ingredients is a huge concern, so I hope you find this website as a resource to you as I create my recipes with these barriers in mind. I’ve learned that more expensive is not always better when it comes to food, I’ve observed this especially in my travels throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas – basically wherever- it comes down to eating food that is real, uncomplicated, and full of natural, simple flavors. I’m here to embrace that whole-heartedly.

I hope you stay awhile and find some recipes that suit your taste buds! Make sure to catch my tips along the way on how we can still cook healthy within our limitations, it may just take some extra strategizing. And of course, feel free to send me a message if you need some extra guidance overcoming the challenges of affordability and accessibility. It’s all baby steps.

Thanks for reading along!

Much gratitude,

Picture by Emma Studley Photography